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Haley Self Care

Wickless Candles

Wickless Candles

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NEW! Wickless Candles. Candle warmer lamp or wax warmer plate required (Amazon has some beautiful options!)


 Why Wickless candles?

-Luxury for less

-Safe (No flame, no soot) 

-Come home to a great smelling house!

-Candle warmer lamps are beautiful and provide a soft glow to any room



DARK ROSE & LABDANUM: A deep and sultry blend of pink pepper and decadent plum with black rose. Notes of Pink Peppercorn, Grapefruit, Plum, Black Rose, Cumin, Vanilla, Patchouli, and Labdanum.  (Iridescent crystal jar)

DATE NIGHT DESSERTS: (Clear crystal jar) Simple and sweet, chocolate buttercream!

VELVET CHOCOLATE & AMBROSIAL CHERRIES:  A delicious medley of deep rich chocolate, bing cherries, fresh raspberries, sparkling lemon peel, golden honey, delicate pink petals and creamy vanilla.  (Crystal Jar - rose colored or clear with glitter and hearts) 

SANDALWOOD: Sophisticated, earthy, woody, warm.  Notes of Coriander, Amyris, Amber, Dark Musk, and Sandalwood.  (amber striped decorative jar) 

STRAWBERRY VINE: The pick of the batch! Earthy and fresh strawberry vine. This is not a strawberry candy scent - this smells green like strawberry picking! (Clear jar. Wax is dyed light pink with eco dye, hearts, pink stones and glitter) 

BOUQUET: Like you just walked in to a flower shop! An authentic bouquet of flowers. Notes of Jasmine, Rose, Peony, Lily, Carnation, Plumeria, Baby Breath, Honeysuckle, Tulip, Fir Needle, Leafy greens. (Blush crystal jar with hearts, stones, and glitter) 

CASHMERE MUSK: Comfort and elegance. Rich and soft. Notes of Bergamot, Saffron, Violet, Lily of the Valley, Amber, Dark Musk, Powder, and Vetiver.  (Iridescent taupe jar)

SASS: Sweet, fun, sassy! Very strong. Sweet, ripe cherries and sugared citrus blend with sweet sugary crystals. (Iridescent blush jar, wax is dyed hot pink with stones, glitter, and hearts)

GLOWING CASHMERE: Shimmering vanilla, golden peach, and warm cashmere musk. (Iridescent taupe jar)

DARK KISS: Sensual, playful, deep. Notes of black raspberry, bergamot, burgundy rose, dark vanilla bean, and plum musk. (Blush glam tin with amethyst stones) 

VANILLA LACE: Sweet vanilla and earthy musk blend to create a nostalgic vintage vanilla. (Clear jar with iridescent glitter) 

BIRTHDAY CAKE: Decadent and delicious! Straight out of the bakery with elements of almond and buttercream. Notes of Sugar, Buttercream, Honey, Vanilla, Almond. 

WATER MINT: Cool, crisp, and clean. Like a refreshing mountain stream. This one gives me spa vibes too. Like a spa mountain retreat! Cucumbers on your eyes, warm towel on your hair, sitting in a hot spring…ya feel?! Notes of Mint, Green Leaves, Bergamot, Fruity Apple, Jasmine, Violet, Sage, Lily, Lavender, Fresh Musk, Amber.

OAKMOSS: Transports you to the forest! Earthy mossy vibes with undertones of bark and leather. Notes of Sage, Moss, Oak, Forest, Amber, Tonka Bean, Earth, Green. 

MOTHER EARTH: Smells like earthy potting soil with mossy oak! A promise of everything that can come from the earth. 

SLEEPY BEE: A relaxing, comforting, universally appealing blend of lavender and honey. Feels like a cozy soothing nap on a sunny afternoon. 

FIG TREE: This one might be my fav for spring wickless!!! I can’t stop sniffing it! It has gorgeous chic spa vibes -  I want to make it in to a perfume and spray it in my hair! A relaxing blend of sweet fig, cedar, lavender springs, neroli blossoms, jasmine, oak moss, musk, and amber. So pretty! 

WHITE TEA & EUCALYPTUS: Calming, clean, herbal, fresh, airy spa vibes!! Top Notes:  Italian Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Mint Leaf. Middle Notes:  White Tea Accord, Violet, Thyme, Jasmin Petals. Bottom Notes:  Tonka, Amber, Sheer Musk.

WOODLAND FERN: Loving this unique woodsy floral blend. It is earthy, springy, and just what my home needed for a pop of fresh nature. Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Leaf, Fig. Middle Notes:  Jasmine, Geranium, Fresh Rose, Lily. Bottom Notes:  Musk, Woody. 


*many of the Valentines Collection wickless candles have decor, including stones / glitter that may come loose in transit. This is okay and does not affect the purpose of the wickless candle. 


Labels may be handwritten, as these are limited edition scents!! 

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